About the Reed Wolf

A Reed Wolf is a mysterious mythical creature which might have been living in Central Europe.

Wolves live in packs of up to forty individuals. This social structure serves the survival of the entire pack. They are very social creatures, in fact they use both their voice, in the form of howls and growls, and their body language to communicate. In the wolf pack, every individual has a role. They are essentially very good team players. Their family and the pack is very important to them. Pack dynamics are best described by the word Unity.

A stylized wolf drawing

The Austro-Hungarian wolf ( Canis lupus minor), also called the reedwolf, is a possibly extinct subspecies of the gray wolf that is thought to have inhabited the Balkan peninsula. Its subspecies status and even genus are uncertain, as there are few records and no uncontroversial remains.

- Austro-Hungarian wolf - Wikipedia