What we do: We bring bleeding edge technologies to production.

How we do it: We put creative problem solvers to a discovery mindset, and throw your hardest problems at them.

Why we do it: We believe in the power of software, but we also know how damaging the wrong tools can be. We build highly reliable software, so the tools you use will never be the problem.

Software from the future

The namesake

Reed wolf is a mythical creature, believed to be a smaller bodied and more nimble cousin to the Eurasian wolf. It is just as magical as the research and discovery of upcoming technologies.

The team

Wolfs tend to work in teams, a relatively flat organisation with individual responsibilities, and common interests.
Reed Wolf Ltd is organised in a similar way.

Just as scouts sniff out the pray for a wolf pack, the individuals we work with follow the news, the tweets, the trends, and experiment with new open source technologies. They do this out of their own genuine interest.
Therefore Reed Wolf Ltd works with more consultants than internal developers.
It's all about finding the right tool for the right job.

Research and Development

We are a loosely coupled R&D organisation designed and built to coordinate a number of specialists and subcontractors.
When you want your house built, you want a working end-to-end solution. Why would you contract a number of individuals who can lay the foundations, or do the plumbing, when you could work with a general contractor who would give you extra guarantees you wouldn't otherwise have?

The Tech stack

The Reed Wolf Ltd partner network includes multiple developer agencies, specialising in building MVPs, Mobile apps, Web apps, as well as Sales focused web-pages. The technologies are including but not limited to Node js, WordPress, Docker, the Hashicorp stack and some more. We also nurture Rust, React and Vue teams.
We provide quality control, project management and a single point of contact for our customers to help them managing the challenges and complexities involved in Software Construction.

Premium service

You may have a visual idea or a regulatory requirement to satisfy. Let us translate all that to developer slang.
We will Define and Design and Refine the solution until it's satisfactory for you.
We work using an agile methodology, because we found that more often than not, business requirements change even faster than any number of developers are able to keep up.

You need to pivot your startup? No problem, what others may interpret as indecisiveness, we see as experimentation and discovery.
This may be a never ending process, and we are fine with that.
In fact we wish to stay with you after an initial release, right until the software reaches it's designed end of life and is decommissioned.

The people focused agile cycle